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A study by Microsoft’s IT department found that consolidating onto new servers resulted in reducing power requirements by 3 million volt amps (with an added bonus of also providing a savings of million a year in operating costs).

For more information, see the article Green IT in Practice ( This paper will focus on consolidation strategies for online transaction processing (OLTP) applications storing data in the SQL Server Database Engine.

Then you can identify the applications that fit this profile.

Some general traits that make an application a good candidate for consolidation are low machine resource utilization, moderate performance requirements, little active development, and low maintenance costs.

Reducing capital and operating expenditure is one of the biggest factors driving companies to consolidate.

Upgrading to fewer machines and newer hardware allows for reductions in rack space, power, and cooling needs.

Databases tend to be very widespread across the enterprise, because they are very efficient for handling relational storage of data and are designed to be platforms for a wide variety of applications.

By having a common set of requirements and methodologies, administrators are able to take advantage of predictable workflows for patching and configuration, better audit control over security configuration, and streamlined hardware requirements.

This also increases the opportunity to make improvements in ease of deployment and provisioning as well as application interoperability.

Consolidation plays an important role here in reducing the data center footprint.

Fewer computers and fewer idle machines result in lower power consumption and a reduced need for cooling.

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